Visiting a new church for the first time can be nerve racking! But having an idea of what to expect can help. We are so glad you are right here today! From the moment you arrive at JOY we want you to feel honored. There are many places you could have chosen to worship on any given Sunday, but you came here! Not only do we want you to feel honored, but we want you to feel like family and part of the community at JOY Fellowship. We want your experience with Jesus and JOY to be impacting and lasting.


We want your experience with Jesus and JOY to be impacting and lasting. There are a few things that will stand out during your time with us:

Children’s Ministry

Do you have kids? So do we!

We create an environment that is not just fun and age appropriate for each child, but also provides an atmosphere for children to learn about and know God. From birth to 5th grade, we will teach your children to hear the Lord’s voice, enter into expressive and heartfelt worship, and plant the word of God in their hearts.

You can check your children into our kid’s ministry before service. We promise a safe, loving, and nurturing time.

Guest Experience

We have our friends ready and waiting to welcome you into our church family. From a smile, to a handshake, to answering your questions, they are here to serve you. You can come expecting to have people who desire to help you, serve you, and get to know you better.


You will have the opportunity to enter into a time in God’s presence during our worship time. Style isn’t everything, but we still want you to know who our worship leaders are listening to so you can get a feel of what you’ll hear! Some of our more well known influencers are Bethel Music, IHOP artists, CFNI, New Life Worship, and Passion Band. More important than style, you can be sure when you come expecting to encounter God that He will meet you.


Simply put, we preach Jesus and we preach His kingdom in a practical and life-giving way. You can expect a Bible-based message that will challenge and empower you to grow in your spiritual journey. You will walk away not just knowing what the Bible says, but you will hear the voice of the Lord, and be given clear direction from the Lord for growing stronger and more mature in your relationship with God.